Unlocking the true power of theranostics

A new chemical platform to find and treat cancer

Radiopharmaceuticals for personalized medicine

We are working to make theranostic treatments more accessible to people with cancer.

Fuzionaire Theranostics was founded to apply a breakthrough in chemistry from Nobel laureate Robert Grubbs’ lab at Caltech to radiopharmaceuticals.

Originally directed to make diagnostic radiopharmaceutical candidates for PET scans, our HetSiFA® library has become a powerful theranostics platform that can make chemically identical PET diagnostics and radioligand therapies at scale.

Theranostics combines PET diagnostics with radioligand therapy for personalized cancer care.

Our solutions make theranostics scalable to reach more people with cancer.

Our HetSiFA® platform

Our platform can create chemically identical diagnostic and therapeutic companions from disease-targeting peptides and other ligands, a feature that enables a personalized therapeutic dose for each cancer patient.

HetSiFA-based diagnostics use the PET nuclide fluorine-18, which offers superior availability, production scalability, and image resolution as compared to gallium-68, often used in theranostics.

HetSiFA-based therapies use actinium-225 and other leading alpha- and beta-emitting radionuclides.

Drugs and pills

Our growing pipeline of cancer theranostics

Our first development program aims to improve the theranostic care of patients with metastatic prostate cancer. We target the gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (GRPR) in prostate cancer with an 18F/ 225Ac theranostic pair. The modularity of our HetSiFA platform enables us to expand our pipeline rapidly and address pressing needs in oncology.

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Our origins

We apply Fuzionaire’s core chemistry, based on alkali metal catalysts, to make new theranostics.

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Our collaborators

We are proud to partner with world-class institutions on our mission to improve cancer care. Together we design, synthesize, and test our HetSiFA library and HetSiFA-based theranostic candidates.

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If you are interested in learning more about our HetSiFA® platform or pipeline, we want to hear from you.